wiring 4 non-Sonos outdoor celling speakers

  • 25 February 2023
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We have a new covered deck which 4 flush ceiling speakers were installed. The electrician ran a wire from each speaker to the basement where the Sonos Amp is located. Can I put two speakers on each Sonos banana clip or do I need 2 Sonos Amp to run all 4 since they each have their own wires leading to the basement? 


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4 replies

If all of the speakers are 8-Ohms, you can connect all of them to a single AMP.

Thank you…they are all 8 Ohms. After posting I did find a thread showing a diagram I can do this. 


I’m having a hard time getting two wires into the one side.  Is there a certain way this needs to be done?


What size are the wires you’re using to connect to the speakers? You might want to consider banana plugs, or thinner wires.