Why is it so hard?

  • 27 February 2024
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I own 10 or more Sonos products.  Love the sound.  But…

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get one to connect.  I just spent 45 minutes trying to get my “Roam” to connect via wifi.  Once I got that going I was asked to reauthorize my Sirius XM account… which then proceeded to gray out all channels.  2 hours later I’m still without a working speaker after deleting Sirius, closing the app, re-adding it, deleting the app, reinstalling the app, deleting it from my laptop and phone, and so on.  I was on with customer service but then my Sirius username & PW was getting kicked back in the Sonos app (and it was the correct credentials, I signed in to the Sirius app directly with the same info) so they said it was user error.   Any suggestions?  Return all of it?

Why is this so hard? My 10 year son can get his $14 blue tooth speaker in 10 seconds or less.  I’m thousands of dollars in and nothing today...


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6 replies

It’s not clear why it would take so long for your Roam to connect to your Sonos App, but the two Roams that I have here each connect straightaway on startup and remain connected with no issues. It’s not clear in your post if it’s a controller/speaker connection, or a speaker/network connection so you ideally need to provide far more detail, before worthwhile suggestions can be made.

I can’t comment in depth about the Sirius service as it’s not a service I use, but Sonos radio is working fine, so if that works okay for you too, then I would suspect it’s an issue with that provider. If Sonos radio, or other services however are also not working for you, then I would perhaps focus on the matter being a local network issue.

The server/service that Sirius use to provide their streaming audio to Sonos customers via the published API, is probably a different server/service than the one they use with their own App, so that would perhaps explain the difference you’re seeing between the two. It’s not clear though if this might be a Sonos or Sirius issue, but if other music services are working okay in the Sonos App, then that ‘might’ point to the matter being more towards Sirius. Just not enough info. here though to draw any conclusions at this stage.

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Hi @Rob P 56 

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We are investigating this issue and are still gathering information from customers in order to gain some context. We’d very much appreciate it if you could please get in touch with our technical support team to do so. Thank you.

Hi Rob P

We have had a Sonos Roam for several months and have been unable to get it working.  I am just trying again now hence on this forum.  We took it on holiday and could not charge it let alone get it working via bluetooth.  

It is absolutely unacceptably complicated and I definitely will not be buying any further Sonos products (as was my plan).

I have deleted app and I am trying again. 



What did the technical support folks say when you called in, Mark?

I finally got it working, the variables at play are endless so it’s hard to say if it was a Sonos or Sirius issue (I believe Sonos but I can’t narrow it down).  I really like Sonos but God forbid you ever have to change your location or wifi network.  

Odd. I’ve changed location five or six times, and networks at least three times, in the last 12 years, without any issues at all. But, I’m not a SiriusXM subscriber, perhaps that’s why.