Volume Limit Wont Change - Pops Back to 100% after few seconds

  • 30 June 2024
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Hi, anyone else having this problem? Seems to be reoccurring and the answer has been to power cycle (done 2x) and system outage (there isn’t one). 

I have a new Sonos AMP purchased June 2024, when I change the volume limit (50% for instance) it resets to 100% after a few seconds (you can actually watch the slider just move back up). 

I typically stream from an iPhone using Spotify, so to test I am playing Sonos radio with no other devices. Same issue. In fact you can slide limit to 10% and it doesn’t change the volume output already coming out of the device that is higher than that level. Cycled the amp, same issue.  

This is important as the Amp blew out my last set of house speakers when my spouse accidentally connected her phone with the volume too high. I’d like this set to last a bit longer. 

All advice welcome!



3 replies

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Hi @Mandolinorian, welcome to the Sonos Community!

I’m sorry to hear you’re unable to set a new volume limit in the app. I’ve given this a test on my system and I’m able to adjust the volume limit on my Sonos One without it changing back, so I suspect this could be network related. 

Since the settings of your system are saved to your Sonos devices instead of the Sonos app, then any connection issue or interruption can prevent settings from changing, so I would also suggest power cycling your Router and iPhone to test since you’ve already power cycled your Sonos Amp.

I’d also make sure you’re running the latest Sonos app version before adjusting the volume limit and, if possible, try to set a volume limit with another device instead of your iPhone.

Please let me know if you’re able to set a volume limit after following the above and I hope this information helps!


i just added a new Sonos amp 2024 to my system of 7 amps and gives me the same problem. Says all my amps are up to date and it’s the only one who has this problem.

Be sure to submit a diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing the issue.