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  • 17 November 2023
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Has anyone else experienced all of their speakers flashing orange and white?

all was fine yesterday. (And for the past 2 years) but last night I noticed all of the speakers in my house flashing orange and white

and in the app all of the speakers say “updating” it’s been this way for over an hour now 


Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 17 November 2023, 12:51

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2 replies

There was a Sonos update yesterday, so it’s perhaps a case of your system is scheduled to update automatically overnight. I would wait a while to see what happens, but it sounds like you ‘may’ have lost your internet connection during the update, by coincidence. I guess these things can happen - if it lasts for a very long time, then I would simply reboot your router, but things may sort themselves out eventually. 

What might assist you for future updates is to reserve all your Sonos IP addresses in the routers DHCP reservation table, making them static on your network subnet.

Hope you can manage to sort things with a router reboot after an hour or so, if not, then give Sonos support a call via this link:

Thanks for the response.  You were right.  I just needed to be patient.  All sorted now.  Ty!