Unable to transfer speakers to Wifi from cable

  • 26 August 2022
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Can you please help me with a speaker WIFI -issue.

I am unable to transfer speakers to Wifi from cable connection.

Speakers are now in WM:0 -mode (cable) and works with cable-ethernet.

Reinstalled speakers after Wifi password change but they did not connect to Sonos after this.

I am trying to Update network from S2 app.

System stucks in loop trying to find products for 1-2 minutes.

I tried to connect cable to mesh network primary router but without success to tranfer speakers to Wifi.

Do you have any suggestions how to connect to wifi?

I have 3 Play1 and 1 IKEA Symfonisk -speakers.

All speakers are updated to version 14.14

Restarted all systems reinstalled app without any success.


Thank you for your answers!


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5 replies

Hi. My suggestion would be not to switch Sonos from SonosNet to WiFi with a mesh WiFi.

Thank you so far,

I had to Google SonosNet and apparently it's about having one speaker connected by cable to the ethernet. 

I disconnected all speakers but left only one connected by cable, 

and now it is working,at least for the moment. 

​​​​​I have a Sonos Bridge as well but apparently it is old technology.



You’ve assessed it all accurately. SonosNet is Sonos’ proprietary network protocol, designed to be activated when a single device (any except subwoofers or surround speakers) are connected to the root router. 

And yes, the BRIDGE was replaced by the newer BOOST back in 2013. It’s got more robust electronics in many ways, and can run either S1 or S2. The older BRIDGE is relegated to S1 only, and is commonly known at this age to have a dodgy power supply, which causes issues that are hard to diagnose properly. 

You can, I’m told, “trade in” the BRIDGE on the Sonos store website, to get a discount on the replacement BOOST, or you can, as you’ve discovered, just use one of the speakers, and just decommission the BRIDGE. 

BRIDGE or BOOST are not required, but they are handy in situations where it is impractical to wire another unit. They can also be used to support distant units. Place BRIDGE or BOOST about midway between a good coverage area and a poorly covered area. They can be wired or wireless.

Sorry, my initial response did lack detail.  I didn’t really grasp that you previously had all speakers wired.  Generally, mesh WiFi and Sonos in fully WiFi mode is not a happy combination.  As you say, wiring just a single Sonos device causes all traffic between Sonos speakers to be taken off your WiFi and onto SonosNet, which gives a much more reliable setup.

The wired connection allows devices connected over WiFi to talk to devices connected over SonosNet (in particular, controllers can talk to speakers.)