"Unable to play Scala Radio - station not found"

  • 17 June 2022
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I’m having an odd problem with the resume button not working. 

I mostly listen to Scala Radio on my Play:5. If I pause it, then after an interval of time (15mins or longer is my rough guess) then pressing the resume button on the speaker has no effect. Using either the desktop app or my phone’s app, hitting the ‘play’ triangle results in the error message "Unable to play Scala Radio - station not found"

If i navigate through to “Sonos Favorites” then the same station starts up fine.

I’ve tried resetting the speakers (ie turn off, remove from power, leave for 10 mins, plug back in) and removing Scala from my favourites - no difference.

Other inputs (for example Spotify) seem to resume just fine. I mention Scala Radio in particular as they recently changed their delivery method from TuneIn to PlanetRadio - so I don’t know if that has a bearing.


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Hi @anywhereelse 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

I was unable to reproduce your problem with resuming Scala Radio on my own system, though I don’t have Planet Radio.

I recommend you remove power from both your Play:5 and your WiFi router. Once the router has been off for at least 30 seconds, turn it back on again and only turn on the Play:5 once you have WiFi again.

If that doesn’t help, please try Scala Radio from another provider: Sonos Radio, TuneIn,, Radioplayer or MyTuner Radio. All of these can be added to Sonos without needing to create an account.

I hope this helps.

Thanks very much, Corry P - I will give those a go. There was a big push from Scala a few months ago to move away from TuneIn, but from what I can tell, that method still seems to be working after all.