Trying to add new play 1's to an S1 setup

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I’m hitting so many issues it’s tough to identify which path was the closest to success.

I have spent several hours with chat agents, who gave up and told me to call in. I’ve been on hold for 45 minutes… and then the call dropped. I’m back on hold again. Super unhappy with how complex Sonos has made this setup….

For example, case 1

  • On a fresh install, SOMETIMEs I can get the speaker connected to my Wi-Fi, but the Sonos app (not the S1 app) gets stuck adding the Speaker to a room.
  • The app just hangs on this screen. If I hard close the app, despite the speaker having a solid White LED… I can’t see it being connected anywhere in the app… so I have to start the install again

Case 2

  • often on installs the Wi-Fi won’t connect propoerly. If I hard wire, I then see a message “Software update required”. When I try and do that it says I need top Sign in as the System owner
  • I bought these speakers used… is it possible they are still associated with a past user?
  • Any other ideas as to why I’m seeing this message?


To clarify, S1 setup is my end game. For now… I’m trying to set them up on S2 as I understand I need to do that to downgrade them first

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