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I have had Sonos systems in multiple homes for maybe ten years or so.  I have all in maybe ten speakers between two homes, most of which were purchased at least five years ago. once again yesterday evening as I had hoped to relax to music, I found myself dealing with intermittent sound and speakers which stopped playing and then skipping ahead to other songs on playlist/album.  My issue is that the things just don’t work when you want them to.  Sort of like the old phone company, I just want it to work without it asking me to invest time and knowledge in either understanding why it won’t work, and then having to fix it myself.  I do not care about the various aspects of the technology, I do like the idea of having music in each room and having it controlled from my phone, but I don’t want to be a tech guy and have to diagnose and fix it.  I’m thinking I might just go back to having a Bluetooth speaker in each area and just chucking out this Sonos stuff.

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The demands placed on your wifi to maintain a constant flow of data to the speakers is significant. Problems you described are often (but not always) network related. That might be network setup or wifi interference issues. There are some simple checks/changes that might help you. 
What router/wifi are you using, and have you changed any settings in the 10 years of troubles?

I would guess you are correct as to the network.  Seems like a fatal flaw to have all of this sexy technology riding on a fragile and finicky radio signal.  Not to rant but this seems emblematic of much of technology these days.  I do have fiber to the house and it runs in excess of 500+ up and down.  Router is Netgear Nighthawk- after that I quickly get lost down the rabbit hole- 192.??? And making sure each device has its own whatjamacallit.  I am sure settings have changed, I used to have a Sonos box router that was later deemed unnecessary.  Also my home  has lathe plaster walls throughout.  Built 100 years ago by true craftsman when a 2x4 actually measured 2x4.