System repeatedly rebooting

My system repeatedly keeps rebooting every few minutes. I changed/upgraded routers, re connected the system/all speakers and a connect, and the problem remains. How do I stop the system from repeatedly rebooting?


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This is a hardware or power issue. Which model(s) are in your system?

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Hi @jim49b 

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What is it that makes you think the system is rebooting? If it were, you would see flashing white lights on the speakers - is that what you see? I suspect not, as I just looked and your entire system is connected to our cloud servers and seems happy enough. I think your issue may instead be that the app is unable to communicate with your system periodically, making it look like it is unavailable, or rebooting.

In either case, I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and what it reports. There may be some adjustments needing to be made on your new router.

I hope this helps.

The router I recently installed is an Eero Pro 6E. My system consists of a Connect, two Play 5s, one Play 3, and 3 Play 1s. The problem I encountered was present before the change in routers, and I was hoping the newer WiFi 6 router would correct it. Apparently not. Since my post I have come to realize that the problem seems to surface only when I am streaming a local Radio station. Other music streaming options like Apple Music seem to be unaffected.

How are you selecting the problem radio station?

Thank you Cory, for your thoughts on this problem. I thought the system was rebooting based on all sound stopping for 3-5 seconds, then followed by the Sonos jingle or tune which precedes the requested audio. I admit I didn’t check for flashing white lights on the speakers, but it seemed like the whole system was shutting down, and then re-starting periodically.

Since my original post, I have noticed that the problem seems to be limited to my streaming of a local radio station, as I didn’t experience the same issue when listening to Apple Music. In addition, I have not noticed any similar interruptions while connected to other devices, like the 3 Apple TV boxes, 2 computers and multiple other devices connected to the same router.

With respect to the Sonos App, I have noticed messages from SONOS appearing at times saying  something to the effect that playback was interrupted due to the instability of the the WiFi system, but that doesn’t make sense to me, considering the newness of the router, and the lack of a problem with any of the other deices connected to the system.

If the problem persists, I will follow your advice, and contact technical support. Thanks again for your response, and helpful suggestions.