streaming all rooms at once error despite being visible in app

I recently moved. 

I am currently using the Sonos s1 app due to a couple older Sonos speakers. 

I have: 

  • 2  play ones 
  • 1 play:1 
  • 1 play 5 


they are all visible on my app. 

however when I try to  play everywhere I cannot get them all to sync and work. 

I can only play the two play ones at the same time to make music. If I select the play:1 and/pr the play 5 no music will come out.


however if I start by selecting the play 5 I can only play music out of that. 

same with the play:1


I am unsure how to troubleshoot this and get them to all play the same music at the same time. Please advise potential solutions.

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