Stereo Paired ERA 100 cuts out intermittently.



I have a stereo pair of ERA 100s. While the system does not have any hiccups when I use the S2 app, sometimes I want to connect via bluetooth to play something like a video or audio files that I can’t do through the app. 


I’ve noticed when using bluetooth, occasionally I get a brief cutout of audio from one of the paired speakers. I’m in the same room, I’ve tried connecting to the paired speakers via different bluetooth devices, but regardless, sound will briefly cut out every now and then.

I’m not sure if this is a network issue or not, but using the S2 app does not have the same kind of issue.


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Hi @kkingyip,

While it shouldn’t be a network issue, Bluetooth can still be effected by common network issues. If your phone is too far from the Era 100, or there are other wireless devices between your phone and the Era, it can cause the Bluetooth signal to not reach the speakers in time and dropout. The Bluetooth protocol works in a similar 2.4GHz band, so Wireless Interference could be a cause of the drop-outs, I’d recommend checking our article on reducing wireless interference.

If the article above doesn’t help resolve the issue, I would recommend submitting a diagnostics and reaching out to our support team, mentioning you have dropouts while playing with Bluetooth.

I hope this helps!

I’m not home right now but I will try to get a diagnostic report when I do get back. However, may I ask how the communication works between paired speakers when using bluetooth?

I ask because my speakers are only 10 feet apart, with me (and my phone) being about 10 feet away from them both when I’m using bluetooth - but only 1 speaker cuts out intermittently. The other speaker never cuts out (so it’s never both cutting out, just 1).

I don’t have any other wireless devices even in the same room so I’m not sure what could be causing interference. 

So I played some youtube videos when I got home today and experienced the intermittent audio cutout on one of my speakers again. I submitted diagnostics shortly after. The number is 839823706.

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Hi @kkingyip,

When you Bluetooth to an Era 100 stereo pair, the signal is received by one speaker (the Left in most cases) and that speaker sends it to the other in the pair. I’ve had a look into the diagnostics and you’re definitely running into interference which is causing the dropouts.

The diagnostics shows synchronization errors on the right speaker, meaning that it isn’t receiving the information in time and dropping the audio. However, it could also be Non-WiFi interference or potentially Bluetooth interference. 

Are there are other devices nearby the speakers that could be causing interference, such as a DECT phones, baby monitors, a microwave, security cameras, garage door openers, wireless mice & keyboards, etc? While unlikely, devices that send signals can still cause interference even if they aren’t operating directly on your Wi-Fi network. Bluetooth interference would be caused by other Bluetooth devices in close proximity. 

If it is just the speakers and phone in the room, then it could potentially be structural material blocking signals. Metal, plaster, and concrete are very bad at passing signals, so if the speakers are behind a partition, that could be a cause as well.

I would recommend moving the right speaker as it is picking up most of the errors in the diagnostics and testing playback or making sure there isn’t anything close to the speaker. It could potentially be a device on the other side of the wall that the speaker is picking up on as well. 

I do think reaching out to our support team for live troubleshooting will be helpful, as you can test any changes in real time for better results.

I hope this helps!