Stereo Drops

  • 22 January 2023
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Todays issue. Left channel fine, right channel drops. Right channel is directly across room, direct line of sight, to router. Ten feet, max.

Diagnostic 127574263.

This happens pretty frequently.


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6 replies

Todays issue. Left channel fine, right channel drops. Right channel is directly across room, direct line of sight, to router. Ten feet, max.

Diagnostic 127574263.

This happens pretty frequently.

My reply is the same as two days ago… 

It would be helpful to know what channels and channel-widths you are using on your router for its WiFi bands and also what channel you are using for SonosNet too?

Ensure that each of your wired/wireless network devices are away from each other by at least one metre (minimum) …and as you are not using any Sonos portable devices, it may help to remove any WiFi credentials (if present) showing in the Sonos App network settings (Settings/System/Network/Manage Networks). Those credentials are not required when running all on a SonosNet signal and will stop the opportunity for the devices hopping between SonosNet and your routers WiFi signal.

Its a good idea too to reserve all the Sonos devices IP addresses in the routers DHCP reservation table so that their address remains ‘fixed’ on the local network. 

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Thanks for the speedy reply. I’ve tried all three channels (1, 6, 11). Router is on Channel 165.

I have tried it with Boost disconnected. The wired speaker is probably five feet away from router. The speaker that is dropping is about ten feet away. The router is on top of a bookshelf, and the wireless speaker is directly facing it. I could spit on the speaker from the router. (If I wasn’t afraid of heights, I would.)

I have had the IP addresses for each device reserved. I did have my network under “Manage Networks”; I presumed I had to have it in tehre. We’ll see!

I put this up as a different thread, as it seems to be a different issue. The first is the random dropping of rooms. This is specifically a dropping of an entire stereo channel.

The router channel 165 is somewhat irrelevant as it’s the routers 5Ghz band - you can leave that DFS channel where it is… just shift the routers 2.4Ghz band instead onto channel 1 with a channel-width of 20Mhz.

Set the sonosnet channel to either fixed (non-overlapping) channel 6 or 11 and definitely remove the WiFi credentials from the Apps network settings, that’s assuming you still do not have a Roam or Move in your system setup and see if that resolves your issue.

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Um… I guess the cloud has decided this has been solved?

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I saw it mentioned in another topic that the moderators have been marking topics.

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I had kept the 2.4 SSID turned off so didn’t think about it.

Moved Sonos to 1 and router to 11.

Deleted the wi-fi network from Sonos Networks. Disconnected the Boost.

All Hell has broken loose and my system was essentially bricked.

Play 1’s were all unplayable/undiscoverable. One has still not recovered. Plugged the Boost back in, and the 1’s - except for one - returned. The Play 3’s come and go - the one that’s wired drops, the one that’s wireless seems to old.

TuneIn seems to be OK, SiriusXM comes and goes, Amazon music comes and goes, the Connect is essentially worthless. In and out in and out in and out.


The One that has still not recovered:

  • Showed “Not Connected”
  • Tried several times: Unplug, try again, reboot router, try again
  • Tried factory resetting several times: Played chime PIN and said it found it
  • BUT did not show up in “System”.
  • “Searching for nearby products” - gave up after 30 minutes.
    • Phone is on top of speaker
    • Speaker has been moved to counter, <5 feet (i.e., 1.5 “metres”) from router
    • Did factory reset AT THAT LOCATION
  • Plugged speaker in via Ethernet
    • First FOUR times I tried to connect, CRASHED the app
    • Fifth time was charm, connected, played music
  • Unplugged CAT5. And now the speaker is missing again

I had a doctor’s appt in morning, and all I wanted to do in the afternoon was lay down and listen to some music. Instead I have spent it fussing with this system.

I have worked every “help/recovery” step I can find, literally at least three times.