Spectrum Router dropping speakers

  • 6 May 2024
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I just purchased and did initial setup of my first Sonos speakers 🎶 They worked, but then some of the products started not showing up in System. I reached out to support and it’s the known router issue (SAX1V1S). a few questions…

  1. They speakers are all currently displaying in my system.  will they continue to randomly drop off?
  2.  (the more important question)… I’m nervous about getting a router and connecting it to the current spectrum modem and having it work with Spectrum, and with Sonos. Can anyone recommend one they’ve gotten that has been successful, and can you share your process with the setup?

Thank you!


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I have Spectrum internet and I use this Motorola MG8702 router/modem. I have 16 Sonos devices throughout my house and it works great.