sonos warranty vs other brands

  • 27 January 2023
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Sonos gives a warranty or 2 years but other brands like bose gives 5 years warranty. Should that impact the decision of which brands to buy? 
for current sonos speakers’ owners, is sonos a long life product or does it create some problems after a couple of years? 

2 replies

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I have owned Sonos products for over 9yrs. Currently have 20+ devices. They are all still working to this day. That’s not to say the products are infallible. but I would not base a purchase decision on the warranty period compared to other brands. You could always purchase separate cover if you so desire, or purchase from sellers that provide their own (sometimes free) extended guarantee.

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Have over 10 Sonos items (how the f did that happen!!).  In over 7 years I had one failure, that was a Gen1 Play 5 failing just after 2 years.  Sonos offered a generous discount on the Gen 2 Play 5, which I was more than happy with.