Sonos system will no longer connect to my wifi network

  • 26 January 2018
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My sonos system has stopped connecting to my fully functional wifi system. It will not recognize the network. I have been using sonos speakers for several years without incident. Before I go through the process of setting up each individual speaker (6 in total) I wanted to know if there is a current Sonos issue or is there something I'm overlooking. I've done all of the wifi network basics resetting steps. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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15 replies

I am having the same problem. It started right after updating the Sonos app to the latest version.
Don't set up (factory reset) all of your speakers. Try instead plugging one of the speakers in to your router with an ethernet cable, wait a minute or two, and see if everything comes back.
i would power cycle everything. It is possible that your router it trying to renew the ip adresses with all devices.
I tried plugging into the router which will work temporarily for the speaker that’s plugged in but the speakers in other rooms are not found. If I unplug the speaker that was just found it will still be detected but if I then plug in a different speaker it now finds that speaker and no others. And later if I close the app no speakers will be found when I go back in. Very frustrating
How long did you wait before checking? It usually takes anywhere from immediate to about 5 minutes for it to fully switch over to Sonosnet, which is what you're doing when you plug in one speaker to the router.

But your experience tells me there's some issue with the wifi system, which is keeping your system from connecting. Has anything else changed in your system, other than the update to 8.3? A new router, perhaps?

While I can help troubleshoot a bit here in the forums, honestly, your best bet would be to call into Sonos to discuss it. They apparently have the ability to remote in to your system while you're on the phone with them and help troubleshoot directly.
mofi1....Do you have a sonos boost connected to your wifi router? I tried the same thing you did, plugging the speakers into the router like airgetlam suggested. However, while doing that I noticed my boost was down. I unplugged it and waited for it to reset, then everything was back up working normally. Thanks everyone!
I don't have a boost, so that's not the problem. Thanks anyway.
I love my Sonos system an have used it for some time on my Mac, iPhone and iPad.
I can’t play any tunes as of 2 days ago.
Non of my devices can find "the Sonos network”.
I have closed the Sonos app, shut my Wifi, powered down my router and on and on.
I have 6 Sonos speakers, Controller and Bridge and I suspect Bridge may be dead. I tried resetting Bridge and saw no lights in that process.
Not sure if the power adapter is bad or the Bridge itself
The Bridge power adapter is a known point of failure. You can get replacements for cheap at Amazon.
Thanks, I'll try the adapter fix first
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If you can temporarily move another Sonos unit close enough to hook Ethernet to it you should be working again if you unplug the Bridge until you get the new power unit.
Good news. Using a Play 1, I wired the speaker to my router and got Sonos and the other speakers working. But that speaker wired to the router was not an ideal location. Tried to buy the power adapter for the Bridge but it was going to take 10 days through Amazon. Went to Best Buy to get a power adapter. None. Bought a Boost and am back in business. Thxs
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Glad to hear you got things working. If you think you may ever need it stick the Bridge away somewhere to use then. If the custom Bridge supplies aren't easily available you can get a generic one that has the same electrical ratings and either a matching plug or interchangeable plugs. I'd tell you to run down to Radio Shack and get one if they hadn't gone out of business...
Stanley_4. I was thinking of tossing it but have no way of knowing if it was the cause of failure or the power adapter? I have boxes of electronics, cables and stuff that I've kept for years so I support your notion. I should take it to the coin toss....haha.