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  • 17 February 2023
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We have 50 play 5 speaker in 1 big villa how can we use in 1 system it is only 32 speaker for 1 system


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6 replies

How can we use 2 sytem in 1 network

If you can find a network that ‘reliably’ supports that amount of playing speakers on a single LAN subnet then create two Sonos Households with 25 devices in each, it’s probably easier to use separate controllers, just for convenience. Group all in each controller App and then Airplay to one speaker only from each of the two groups - good luck with that and let me know how it goes. I’d be surprised if the network will support them all playing at the same time and if you do go ahead with this, I would certainly recommend wiring some speakers from each household back to the main router/switch.

Do you really need all 50 playing at the same time?  I suspect their are guest rooms or such that you would never really need to play in sync with the main areas.  I would separate them out that way if possible.

I make 2 sonos account to make it separately 2 groups but when i open the sonos S2 app its showing only the first account to log in same network



If you check back on my earlier post, I’ve suggested you use two separate Sonos controller devices, one for each Sonos Household, as they are both in close proximity. If they had been at different locations and networks then you can get away with one controller device.. you are best to use two for your chosen setup. You can still Airplay to both as long as all are on the same subnet.. use the same account too if you wish, but you might find it easier to separate the Sonos accounts too (recommended)... but that’s entirely a matter for yourself. 

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You could use a Sonos app that handles multiple Households on the same network/subnet. SonoPad/SonoPhone do that for iOS, and my app for Windows also does (see profile).