Sonos set-up and replacement Virgin Media Hub4.

  • 16 August 2022
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I successfully used an Ethernet cabled Sonos Playbar, two Play 3s, two Play 1s, one Port

With a Virgin Media Hub4, smart TV Sony. The Playbar and Play 3s were joined as theatre set-up and the Play 1s are in separate, smaller rooms, as is the Port with a record deck. All played without problems using the Sonos app of course.

T original Hub4 developed a fault and was  replaced with new Hub4. Now only one Play 1 and the Play 3s will ‘attach’ to the wifi and  function.

It has not been possible to attach the Port, Playbar or one of the Play 1s to the system at all.

I have spent a lot of time  trying  all suggestions I can find on the  Sonos official site, Sonos community and in general on the  the internet, including a factory reset of all speakers, to try and link the system back up with my wifi.

I understand Sonos is trying to work round ‘issues’ with the Hub4. Any suggestions as to how I can get my Sonos equipment up and running again, it is just a few very expensive bricks at the moment.

Is the only solution to put the Hub4 in modem mode and buy a decent router?


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Factory reset is not the answer, and it’s a shame you did so.

In a wired (SonosNet) setup all that’s required after installing a new router is to reboot everything, so as to refresh the IP addresses. None of your players should have been directly connected to the WiFi at all.

Which of your devices is now wired? VM hubs have a bit of a reputation around here, but so long as the entire Sonos system is wired back through a single hub port it ought to work.