Sonos randomly turning on in the middle of the night

  • 14 October 2020
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Hi all, 

I had the strangest experience last night.  I noticed music coming from my kitchen Play:3 at around 11:30pm. I didn’t pay much attention to it but did manually stop playback using the Sonos app. 

However, at around 2:30am I woke up and noticed it again. However, this time the music was strange, and upon opening the Sonos app I saw it was playing the “Spa” channel from SiriusXM (and according to the app the playback was initiated by Alexa!).  Again, I manually stopped playback. 

And then finally at around 4:45am or so, it happened again - this time playing back some random track from Spotify.  It was at this point that I opened the Sonos app and submitted diagnostic information. 

I’m at a loss to explain this - I don't have cats, older kids, or anything I can point to as a likely explanation.  No alarms set. I have numerous Sonos devices, and this only happened on this one particular Play:3. 

Any insight would be appreciated! I’m also hoping to have Sonos look at the diagnostic log and help troubleshoot this (1885785452), but not sure of the best way to engage them. 





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2 replies

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Are you still using a CR200?

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Are you still using a CR200?