Sonos Play 5 will not register to my account

My Sonos 5 stopped responding this morning - I have reset it and am trying to add it back to my account.  It connected in the app, then said that the product needed updating.  The process then got stuck saying unable to connect the device to my account, and i appear to now be in a loop.  When I look at I can see the 5 there, but registered 4 years ago


Just to note, I am using the latest version of the app and my Play 3 is working perfectly (as was the 5 until this morning)

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I had the same issue yesterday and chatted with a Sonos help advisor to fix it. I had to connect my play five directly to router with cable. Then they got me to turn off all my other speakers and then reset the app. Then reset the play five once and install it. Then they got me to reset again and reinstall and then it still worked and then turn back on the other speaker and reset app and link to account then seemed to work. 

Update - so I wrote the post while in a queue for Sonos support, and the issue was resolved by simply signing out of my account and signing back in again.  Very frustrating, but now working

That is frustrating. I did not even think of trying that.