Sonos Play:3. Gen1 failed update (Error 9)

  • 2 March 2024
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My Sonos PLay:3 gen 1 keeps failing the update process.  The speaker has been reset multiple times, deleted and reinstalled S2 app, connected directly to my router with ethernet cable and nothing works.    Update keeps failing no matter what I do.  I’ve bought and added other gen 1 Play:3 speakers to my S2 system, but this one will not update.    Any ideas or thoughts?



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5 replies

You’ve done all the things I would normally think would resolve the issue, save ensuring your system can reach the Sonos update servers due to some change in VPN, port blocking, DNS issues, etc. it may be time to call Sonos Support directly to discuss it, on the offhand chance there is a hardware failure in this particular device. 

Just as a note, there was only a single ‘gen’ of the PLAY:3. 

I’m having the same issue. I have multiple gen 1 play 1 and 3s. I was able to get one of each to update in S2 randomly but the rest are getting error code 9. This will update without error in S1. If you get a solution please share.

It’s very strange, but I was able to get all my gen 1 speakers to update in my S2 system by first adding/updating them in a separate S1 system, then factory resetting them, adding them in S2 then swiping right from the first screen when it gets to the speaker updating stage of the set up. Sounds crazy and not sure why it worked, but I was able to set up serval speakers this way that were giving me the error code 9….

I’ll try that and see if I can ge it to work.  Thanks for sharing

I found this thread while suffering the exact same issue.


I followed @meannategreen ‘s instructions, but I couldn’t ‘swipe right’, however, it put me on the right tracks. I noticed even though an ethernet cable was plugged in, it connected via Wi-Fi.

I reconnected it to S1, ran an update (no update needed) disabled Wi-Fi, factory reset, attempted to register on S2 as a new product and bam! there it was, firmware update completed as part of the S2 registration. During the registration process, this time the PLAY:3 communicated via ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi, which was automatically reenabled once complete.