Sonos One WiFi Drops Nightly

  • 28 March 2024
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I currently have a bunch of Sonos speakers connected to a Unifi network.  All of my speakers except one work completely fine, but this one specific One drops offline nightly and requires manually unplugging it. Any suggestions?


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4 replies

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First thing I’d do is set static IP addresses for all your Sonos, regular dropouts can be DHCP/IP issues. The power cycle usually renews properly.

If it was RF noise you’d likely not fix it with the power cycle.


It's already a static. Interestingly the Wi-Fi says it was still connected when it was unresponsive.... but it wouldn't do anything nor show up in the software.  I think I may try just doing a factory reset.

Which model speaker? I don’t think that we can rule out a hardware issue. You could experiment with wiring the unit to the network.

Submit a diagnostic while the system is operating normally, immediately after a fail, and again after the restart. Log the confirmation numbers and work with support.

It's the original One. And yes, it may be a hardware issue.  Wiring it is a good idea.  I'll give that a try tonight.  Thanks