Sonos One randomly disappearing from System

  • 7 December 2023
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I have a Sonos One connected to the System in my MBR. I’ve set a daily alarm playing radio. Worked fine till Oct 23 recently, after some update to the controller.

Now this Sonos One will disappear from the system randomly, not frequently but couple times per week. There will be days where the alarm will ring but not playing the radio but just the alarm ring. I think this meant that the One wasn’t connected to the WIFI (with flashing white LED), but opening the app shows that this One is not connected to the system and I have to re-add this One. 

Just today, the alarm wasn’t ringing at all. I checked it and there was this green steady LED light, and when I pressed the vol the green went away and the flashing white LED, the One is not connected to the system again and I have to re-add it.

I’m guessing this One lost the WIFI connection maybe in the middle of the night, but I am not sure what is wrong, cos the WIFI is working correctly (have rebooted the mesh router to troubleshoot it but can’t find out what’s wrong). And I couldn’t link the problem on the Green Solid LED.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Hi @M.Wan

We have a support article on the LED status of Sonos products that’s worth keeping in mind, but the solid green LED just means the device was muted, and you’re correct with the flashing white LED meaning the Sonos One was connecting to your network. It can also mean that the Sonos One is booting up, but I think in this case it’s trying to connect.

Most likely, the Sonos One lost connection to your network during the night. There aren’t any diagnostics on your system, but I can see one of your Sonos Ones is either powered off or it doesn’t have a cloud connection. 

I’d recommend you power cycle your network and Sonos system by powering off the following for one to two minutes in this order: Mesh Router → Mesh Nodes → Sonos Products → Any controller running the Sonos app. If a reboot solves the issue, then community would also suggest looking into reserving IP addresses for your Sonos devices. This thread has more information on the subject:

For the green LED, I can’t confirm what caused the speaker to mute without a diagnostics, but anyone with access to the App or the buttons on the speaker can adjust the volume. The next time this occurs, I would suggest submitting a diagnostics and then reaching out to our support team for further troubleshooting. 

I hope this helps!