Sonos not playing ABC News Radio station not playing

I get an error when trying to play the ABC News Radio station. It worked fine in the past and other ABC stations still play. I've tried accessing the station directly through Sonos Radio and via TuneIn radio but no luck. The error says that the station is no longer available. I checked the ABC website and a recent post shows that they have responded to similar questions and do not know of any reason.


Best answer by Airgetlam 3 January 2024, 01:48

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Have you checked to see if this ABC (American Broadcasting Company, or Australian Broadcasting Company?) station has move to one of the other radio streaming services? Can you post a link to the website you checked?

Thanks Airgetlam.

It is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The post from them regarding this issue is here -,cause%20of%20the%20failed%20streams. I don’t know about any movement to other streamig services. 

Odd, they wouldn’t have any direct relationship with Sonos at all, which makes me think they aren’t speaking with full knowledge of what is being asked. The relationship we’d be talking about would be with TuneIn,, iHeart radio, etc. However, they seem to have links to direct streams, which you probably could add to your Sonos system by following the instructions in the setting up an internet radio station FAQ. 

And, if I bothered to read the next paragraph, they suggest (rather unclearly, again demonstrating confusion) that they are on iHeart radio, rather than TuneIn.

Sorry, this is the correct article from ABC -

I followed the advice regarding TuneIn Radio and the station is listed on the Sonos app for TuneIn but it won’t connect. I can see no way to manually update the URL with ones provided by ABC.

Doesn’t really matter,I doubt ABC updates the instructions for Sonos when/if Sonos changes.  Either follow the link I provided on how to set it up in Sonos, or install iHeart radio in your Sonos system. 

Thanks for your help. I tried this with the direct URL and it still doesn’t work. I’ll keep looking for workarounds. The radio station works via the ABC’s own app on my Android phone so the station is still broadcasting. It makes it a bit annoying given the radio is the main use for my speaker.

I have mentioned twice that the station seems to be on iHeart radio, rather than TuneIn. Have you installed iHeart radio’s plug in in the Sonos controller, and tried streaming your station from there?

Thanks again. I had given up on that because the sign up process hung up on me. Just persisted and it works. Thanks for your advice, and persistence!

I am also having the same problem with many of the ABC radio stations - in particular News Radio and Radio National - despite listening to them with no issues for years. I have always accessed ABC through Sonos Radio or TuneIn. I will try iHeart Radio, as suggested, and I will also paste in the URL as directed. I wanted to comment here in case others are as frustrated as I am on the issue.

If you are able to get it to work through iHeart radio, there is no need to do the direct URL. They’re not tied together, just two separate ways of reaching the same thing.