Sonos Era 100 PlayStation 5

  • 1 April 2024
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Can I connect my PS5 to the Sonos Era 100 using the Sonos in-line adapter and an adapter that plugs into the front of the PS5? I've seen people do it with other speakers.


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5 replies

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Even if you manage to get analogue audio out from PS5, I won’t recommend that in combination with the Sonos audio to USB C adapter for video or games audio because you would get a delay of at least 75ms. For just playing audio from PS5 and sending it to Sonos that could work in a satisfying way. 

Hmmm. Is there any reason for this? Would plugging a bluetooth transmitter/receiver into the PS work, and then the Sonos could pick that up? I only want sound through a speaker for casual solo gaming anyway just so I don’t have to wear a headset all the time. 

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Bluetooth is likely just going to add more delay, it won’t make things better.

And Sonos’ software always inserts a 75ms delay on any analog line in, so the input signal can be buffered to play in sync across any grouped rooms. The software doesn’t have a way to turn off that delay, and allow a straight pass through. 

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Imo a good option would be to use a hdmi audioextractor on PS5 hdmi output. A Sonos Ray then could be connected digital via toslink to the audioextractor. Era via line in isn‘t made for video / gaming sound. 

Some people got satisfying results via bluetooth, if the source device is able to output bt audio directly. But as far as I know PS5 doesn’t do so. And using some bt adapter with audio convertion before would also suffer from a delay.