Sonos controller only sees speakers connected to same Orbi satellite

  • 13 January 2024
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Weird new problem with an existing Sonos setup that has popped up this week after my ISP had a big outage this week.


I have an Orbi RBRE960 Mesh network with 3 satellites. I have 4 Sonos One speakers, a Playbar and an Amp scattered around the house and connected across the diffferent satellites. Previously, the controller app on iPhone or my laptop could see them all wherever I was in the house. Since a couple of days ago (post the ISP outage - may be coincidence, maybe not!) the controller app on iPhone or laptop only sees the speakers connected to the same satellite.  Its definitely a Sonos thing as i can sit on the same laptop that cant see the speakers via the controller app and run a “ping” command to any of the speakers in the house and that command connects to them fine. I also have a printer hanging off one satellite and can print to that from anywhere in the house. Also,  If I move around the house with my phone and the Sonos app, as the phone connects to a different satellite i will see the system change the devcies it can see.

I havent tried any speaker resets yet, other than just powering on and off the speakers which doesnt make a difference. I did reboot one of the satellites and nothing changed - the nearest speakers reconnected when it came back up.


Has anyone else experienced something similar and has advice?


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2 replies

I got a new datapoint overnight. In my setup the Playbar was wired into the network and everything else was on wireless. I think that ensured that Sonos used the house Wi-Fi network not its own. 

I noticed that the internet extender is used to provide the direct connection for the Playbar had gone down in the ISP outage so the Playbar had flipped itself to Wi-Fi. I suspect that this is what pulled everything onto Sonos Wi-Fi. I’ve fixed the internet extender so that the Playbar is live once again but it hasn’t reverted. 

If my theory is correct is there a way to force Sonos to use my house Wi-Fi and not its own? 

Problem solved! After the Playbar reconnected on wired everything else dropped into place. Can now see every Sonos speaker in the house on the app wherever I am.