sonos arc wont reset to factory settings

  • 8 January 2023
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Hi I have a brand new Sonia arc, I managed to set the arc up on the app, once I did the update it is won’t connect - I have tried to reset to factory settings but it won’t - it is showing a blinking white light. I am unable to remove the device from my app as well. Can someone help? 


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Hi @Sunita 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

You shouldn’t need to factory reset (a reboot of your router would probably serve better), but if you are following the instructions on our Reset Your Sonos Product help page correctly and do not end up with a green flashing light, then I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team, as it seems the unit has a fault.

I hope this helps.

Thank you, the product is faulty and has been returned back to them. 

I’m having the same issue where I’m unable to reset the Sonos arc. When pressing & holding the join butting while plugging it in, I eventually get the blinking amber/white lights, but it never gets to green.

When trying to add the Arc via my app, I am able to find it, joint its local WLAN, but when it gets to the point the arc is supposed to emit a chime for the phone to hear and pair, there is no sound being emitted.

Sonos support suggests the unit is faulty. However the unit was working just fine when I tested it last year and it’s just been sitting in my closet unplugged until I tried turning it on now. Is there a way to fix this, as it most likely isn’t a damaged hardware issue but more so a software/firmware issue?

Mother Nature is never fair. Things break whenever she is in the mood. If this is a firmware issue there should be a flood of similar complaints. I’m not optimistic, but one variation of your procedure would be to Factory Reset while the unit is only connected to power. After the reboot, then wire PLAYBAR to the router.

Was PLAYBAR using S1 or S2?