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  • 14 January 2024
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How can I clean the speaker cover of the Sonos Arc - over Christmas someone got candle wax on the grill - and although the speaker still works perfectly, it looks awful. 
Any thoughts please?

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4 replies

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@Nicola 71 

Put Arc in a position the grill facing downwards. Put some blotting paper on the wax and carefully warm it up with a hair dryer or an iron. Just turn heating level such high as needed to get the wax smoth and be careful not to overheat Arcs body. 
If possible, demount the grill. 

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A cold pack on the wax for a few minutes to get the wax cold and brittle. Then try flicking it off with a fingernail or plastic tool. NOTHING wet/drippy though! Ice cubes in a zip-lock bag might be good.

Once you have the worst off the blotter and hair dryer will have an easier time of the rest.


Once you’ve completed the above, there will probably be some film residue. Alcohol will dissolve candle wax. Test the finish of ARC in a hidden area and make sure that alcohol will not damage the finish because it is possible that there is an alcohol soluble final coating on ARC. Be sure to observe from various angles. If there is no damage, then proceed by gently wiping the ARC with a nearly dry soft rag wetted with alcohol. This will remove the film.

While moving through these steps, make sure that no solids fall or drip into ARC because this could damage the speakers or at least will require disassembly in order to remove the material.

Thank you for your suggestions - I intend to try this weekend.

i will report back.