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  • 18 March 2023
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Hi, since changing my internet service provider my sonos 2 app has been behaving very strangely.

I have pretty much tried everything to get it working (going through all the processes) and still failing. some times it would show one room, sometimes another, sometimes (like now) it would fail to load altogether.

where I am at now, is the windows desktop controller is absolutely fine and the app is failing to load completely. Weirdly, my wife’s app randomly worked fine yesterday for the first time in weeks and now won’t load today at all.  


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2 replies

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It very much sounds like a wifi/ip address issue. 

Power down all devices and the router, and wait a minute or so. Then power up the router. Wait until it is fully restarted, and the wifi. Then power up your Sonos devices, one at a time, starting with any wired ones. Wait for each to fully restart before powering the next. 

This forces fresh ip addresses to be allocated - a common cause for these symptoms. 

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Wrong thread.