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  • 14 November 2023
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one of my play 5’s stopped and will not work on wifi. Can i daisy chain it to my other play 5 with the rg cable?


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Not really, if I understand your question. You’d need to wire this PLAY:5 to the router, which is the source of the music data, not the other Sonos device.

Have you called Sonos directly?

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@Airgetlam at one stage l am sure that Sonos allowed you to extend your network using Sonosnet and that you could wire one speaker to another via ethernet. Am I going senile / is this one of the features that has been disabled in recent years?


I'm not sure what you mean by “rg cable". If you mean an audio cable, the answer is no. If you mean a network cable connected between the units, this is not recommended, but it may work (unreliability) if another player is wired to your router.

Meant a cat 5 cable. 
I cannot plug into the router as the signal is received from a few wifi extenders which do not have a cat 5 port. 
I was hoping to feed the wifi-less play 5 from its partner play 5 because I am no where near the router for a hard wire connection. Sonos wants me to upgrade the play 5 

As @buzz pointed out, I wasn’t sure I understood the question, due to the claim of an ‘rg’ cable, but you’re taking the assumption that the device(s) were on SonosNet. Since I didn’t know, one way or the other, I answered with the worst case scenario. I’m also stuck away from my home right now, and unable to do any testing.

Have you done some, @Ralpfocus?

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@Stevedf @Airgetlam I have managed to find a moment to extract one of my Play 3s so I could wire it to my other one with an ethernet cable. It was still visible in the app and played fine on its own so I disabled the wi-fi and checked that that it still worked and checked the wi-fi was really off by removing the ethernet cable, which it was as the music stopped. I paired the 3s up as a stereo pair and ran some music for about an hour and everything was good.

So looks like it is worth a shot daisy chaining them.


For info Running on S1 v 11.9




Nothing like a real test ;)

Play 5 now works😀