Sonos 5 Stereo Pair for Turntables (Worth It?)

  • 4 January 2024
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Hello! I'm considering buying a second Sonos 5 speaker so as to have a true "stereo" experience with my turntable. My question is whether this would be worth it. Does a second Sonos five, paired for stereo, make a major difference in terms of sound quality/audio separation? Or is pretty similar?   

For context, right now I have Gen 2 Sonos 5 plugged into a Pro-Ject T1 turntable. Generally, the sound is great. The room isn't too big and I don't have complaints.  BUT...If there's a chance sound would be substantially improved, I might make the leap. 

The set up is such so that speakers would have to be laid out horizontally rather than vertically. 

I was also wondering about line in issues, as with a paired set, only one of the speakers would have the advantage of being directly "plugged in" into the speaker. Would this make left/right channel sound slightly different from each other?  

If anyone has actually made the change from a turntable hooked into one sonos 5, and then added a second, I'd be curious to hear about your experience. Thank you! 


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It is definitely worth it. A stereo pair of Fives (or Play:5 Gen 2s) is Sonos’ best-sounding setup for music in stereo. Adding a second speaker will always give you better stereo imaging than a single speaker.

And you will have no issues with the turntable only being connected to one speaker. When set up as a stereo pair, both speakers will play the line-in audio correctly in stereo and in sync.