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  • 7 December 2023
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Im abort to buy a second hand unit and want to check the serial. 
is that possible?

the serial is: A201 2306WC xxxxxxxx

Moderator note: Private data removed from serial number


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9 replies

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What is it exactly you would like to be checked?

If it’s a real sonos speaker or a replica. Maybe it can be stolen, but idk. It’s still in a unopened box. 

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There are replica Sonos speakers?

You’d want to call Sonos support, this community is unlikely to be able to confirm one way or another, but I’d agree with @106rallye , I’ve never seen a ‘faux’ Sonos. 

I don’t know why an unopened unit, manufactured in June 2023, would be for sale. 

Fell off a truck would be my bet (slang for ‘stolen product’)

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Some places don’t do a good job of rotating their stock and end up with “Old New Stock” when an item that has sat on the back of a shelf is discovered.

Best Buy was famous for this but sometimes it worked out for the best. There were several versions of the LinkSys WRT54 router available, the middle two generations were open-source friendly, the first was a bit low on capability and the newest wouldn’t play nice. Our RV group made a point of going to a Best Buy and emptying their WRT shelf out onto the floor in search of the good ones. Many a manager was upset until they realized they were about to sell a bunch of out of date gear.

One place I hit had all four versions, that I neatly piled by version number before buying a stack of the third generation ones. Manager wasn’t happy until I explained the issues, then he put the Gen 1 stuff on a sale table and redid the shelf labels to indicate the versions of the ones he put back. We sent them several more customers.

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There are replica Sonos speakers?

There is a whole range of Sonos-alikes “Sono2” posted occasionally on reddit:


Wow…that is indeed frightening.