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  • 13 May 2022
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I have set up two both the S1 (for my old Play 5) and S2 operating systems. But, occasionally when I open the S2 app I get a screen which tells me the system includes products that aren’t compatible with S2. If I go to “more options” and “about my system” it lists the Play 5 with the S2 OS. I cannot see it as a room anywhere else. How do I get it off the S2 app to stop this happening?


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Hi @Cracks 

Thanks for your post!

I can see that you have two, properly split Sonos Households - the Play:5 Gen1 on it’s own, and the rest of your system on S2.

Therefore, you really should not be seeing these messages. However, when the S2 app reports seeing the Play:5, is it able to see the rest of your S2 system? If not, then for some reason the S2 app is unable to connect to your S2 system, finds the S1 system and reports the issue - this would make sense. This would narrow the issue down to most likely be network related, in which case a reboot of your router is probably in order. If you have any WiFi boosters or extenders, they could cause this problem if, for example, your phone was connected to it while S2 connected via the router’s WiFi/ethernet, or vice versa.

If the S2 app can see the rest of your S2 system while reporting about the Play:5, or if rebooting your router does not help, I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team directly for assistance.

I hope this helps.