Router reset. System won't connect to wifi.

  • 29 January 2023
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 2.4Ghz in use.  5Ghz disabled. Mode is B/G/N 


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9 replies

When you have wired a single standalone Sonos device to the router - open the Sonos App on your mobile (connected to the routers WiFi signal) - you should see all your Sonos devices appear. If not, then power-cycle any products that are missing and when all show up, then go onto add the new WiFi credentials to them, as described in my earlier post.

Wiring initially was the key.  Thanks again.

Describe your system, network, and router. What is wired? Wireless?


See this support link:

I suggest starting with a single standalone Sonos device wired to the router to get all running on a SonosNet signal to begin with. Then add the new WiFi credentials to all your products via ‘Settings/System/Network/Manage Networks’ and select ‘Update Networks’ in the Sonos App.

When complete don’t forget to also remove your old WiFi credentials from the Sonos App by following the steps mentioned in this link:

Yes, that sounds familiar now from years ago when I initially set it up.  Thanks again.

Deleted and re-downloaded the Sonos app.  None of the speakers are recognized.

Wireless router.  Multiple Sonos speakers.  Bar, move etc.  Had an internet problem and the ISP came out and reset the router.  Now speakers aren’t recognized.

 2.4Ghz in use.  5Ghz disabled. Mode is B/G/N


Thanks Ken,  I didn’t see anything about wiring initially.  Will try.