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  • 16 March 2023
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I just received two One SL as a replacement for Play One.  They have been added to my system. Does this auto register my products to Sonos or do I have to register serial numbers myself.

How can I see what products are registered?  I have Beam, Sub and (2) One SL


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The best way to see if products are “registered” to you is to go to, and log in. Go to My account, then System, and you’ll see what has been associated with your account. This process is automatic, when you add a factory new device to your system. Adding a previously registered device that has not been factory reset will not trigger this. 

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If you set up the speakers on your system using the Sonos app, they are automatically “registered” in your Sonos account.

To see all of your products, log in to the main Sonos website and go to “My Account” and select “System”.