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  • 27 March 2024
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We have 5 Sonos speakers in various rooms. 3 in our shop, sound bar, one in a back room. All via wifi. Stream music usually from Spotify. Stream during the day always to the same 3 speakers which is our default for last 3 years. About a week ago, (just after a full town power outage) Sonos randomly shuts down 1 or more speakers and turns on the back room speaker. Happens constantly now. Trying to change back to our usual three often they do not show up as discovered until we tap in and out of speaker list. Have rebooted modem, uninstalled and reinstalled Sonos app on iPhone, restarted iPhone. No idea what to do. 


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4 replies

Try unplugging all Sonos devices from power. While they’re unplugged, reboot your router. Give your router a couple of minutes to come back up, then plug in your Sonos devices again.

Or, look into setting up reserved IP addresses in your router, instructions in the router’s manual. It’s a more permanent way to achieve the same thing. 

Refrain from Factory Reset of the SONOS units because this will cause extra work, possibly resulting in an accidental (temporary) improvement without resolving the fundamental issue.

I received varying responses and alternatives. Since my initial post, I requested our telecom service provider Telstra to provide a new modem as the current one was a 2018 model. Installed the new modem, repowered all speakers then removed all but the three required speakers from the app and now all works perfectly. No idea if it was a combination of factors or just coincidence. Thanks all

A new router would certainly reset the IP addresses, as indicated in my initial response as a strong possibility.