• 8 December 2023
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I have listened to The Sound Radio Station on Sonos via for a year or so but whilst the station is still visible it now won't play . However , going to the website on a computer I can play the The Sound . Assuming it's something between and Sonos but other stations still play as usual.  Any ideas please ?

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10 replies

Have you tried removing from your Sonos, then setting it back up?

Have you called Sonos Support directly to discuss it?

Have you tried a reboot of your router, followed by a reboot of your speaker?

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If you have the direct streaming url you can add it to your Sonos system.

Thanks for your replies . I spent an hour on the phone to Sonos , rebooting routers and reinstalling my Sonos devices. It still didn't work. There seems to be a block between and Sonos for this station (The Sound , Auckland, NZ. , black vinyl record with yellow label). All my other stations on play as expected.

I have now approached for help .

I'm wondering if any other Sonos users , particularly in the UK , can see and play The Sound via

I’d suspect a VPN, work profile, or some other sort of port blocking software, if other streams are working. For some reason, your speakers are unable to reach out to, which is pretty particular. 

Thanks Bruce but my speakers do work with for all my other stations EXCEPT The Sound so I can't think the general route Sonos/ is blocked and that's why I'm asking others if they can play it

Ah. Probably a change at that individual station then. Either their internet server is down, or they’ve left for another streaming partner. Let’s see if anyone else responds about that one station. 

They haven't left entirely because if you go on website or app you can play it . Maybe have said they won't push that station to Sonos anymore .

Quite strange  all my other stations still play on my Sonos. 


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Hi @Ynwa1955 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

What is the exact name of the station, please? The closest match I could find was “Radio Sound”, which plays for me in the UK without issue.

If you are using a favourite saved in My Sonos, please try searching/browsing for the station again - the old link that is saved may be dead.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for your message . 

If you search stations for The Sound , 2 come up for me , a blue one in My Tuner Radio only and a black and yellow one which is showing in both My Tuner and services .  

Furthermore it now plays on MyTuner but still doesnt on so 5 out of 10 can't be bad 😀

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Hi @Ynwa1955 

Thanks - I found the station and I am also unable to play via (but can on myTuner). I’ll pass this up the tree, so to speak.