Problems with new Sonos system wifi connection

  • 15 January 2024
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System installed by Best Buy Geek Squad 30 days ago.
Arc Soundbar connected to eArc HDMI port on TV.
Router is line of sight 9 feet to Sub and 20 feet to Era's. (See photo below)
They had difficulty connecting the sub when initially installing the system and it did not stay connected very long after they left. I got it reconnected a few times but now it will not connect at all. Spoke to Geek Squad rep that installed it and she thought maybe it was a bad Sub and suggested she would bring a new one out when she comes here in a week. Instead I went to store and exchanged mine for a new one. Brought it home, hooked it up per manual and still nothing and now one of the Era 300's doesn't connect. I did get a message that a “Factory Reset” is required after hooking up the new sub but it also said that this should only be used for a change of ownership so I decided against it for fear of wiping something out. I have gone through the "Add New Component" several times now and it recognizes that these two components are not connected but comes back "We couldn't connect to your components, try again later".  Is there something glaringly wrong here or is it time to try a different router, this is the Spectrum provided one and less than a year old.
Nothing is hardwired to router but Arc could be very easily if that is an option that would help.

Photo of system:

Sonos Arc Soundbar
Sonos Era 300 Left
Sonos Era 300 Right
Sonos Gen 3 Sub
Spectrum Router SAX1V1S
Sony - 75" Class BRAVIA XR X95K


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2 replies

I seem to think there have been a number of ‘issue’ reports about that particular spectrum router here in the community and there are some of their products on the Sonos incompatibility list too. My thoughts are to try wiring your Arc to your router and wait about 5 minutes and then play some music to the room and just see if that fixes the issue.


Moderator edit: Changed Playbar to Arc for accuracy

Thanks for the suggestion Ken. Although the tech that installed this system said that utilizing the network port on the Arc soundbar would not fix this issue I did it anyway after your response because the the Arc and the router were only a few feet apart and guess what, everything is now connecting just great. I do believe that the Spectrum router is the Sonos problem, even though there are many other Wi-Fi devices in my house that work just fine.