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Sharing a recent experience with Sonos Support and lost confidence after a history of purchasing multiple products. The support issue we experienced relates to a known design weakness posted by many users across multiple channels, which is a power supply failure. In the fall, we experienced a power outage and after power to the house was restored we noticed three of our Sonos products would not turn on. Two (Playbar and Beam in separate rooms) were plugged into surge protectors and one (Play:3) directly into the wall. Three other products showed no issue. All are out of warranty but the Beam only just out. 
When I spoke with Support their best offer is to return to Sonos in exchange for a 30% discount code. So now we are asked to spend even more money to replace the products with a history of power supply quality issues across their portfolio.
Does this sound reasonable?

Thankfully, the Playbar was purchased from Costco, who took it back with a full refund. The others were purchased from Sonos directly with no other recourse than take their discount on new products. 

This lack of customer focus has the signs of a class action lawsuit in the making. Until then, we are encouraged to secure our investment by purchasing from a supplier with greater commitment to their products and customers. 

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I'd bet it's real.  New, inexperienced, who knows but real nonetheless..  No identifying names so no need to remove it unless it is fake. Other than cat and bag and doh!

I'd bet it's real.  New, inexperienced, who knows but real nonetheless..


You hope it's real or all that SJW'ing you did would be in vain.

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That chat has got to be a fake.  No real support person offers an extended warranty after something breaks.  They'd be giving the store away.  They also would not be employed long if they blurt out problems with the company's products to anybody who listens.

Nice try, but you gotta be more subtle.

Community member with a hours old profile and one post ….😀

But the extended warranty was offered in the purchase of a new Roam which seems on brand for Sonos CS tbh. That and the roam is pos ime so it’s believable to me.