Poor product support

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I'd bet it's real.  New, inexperienced, who knows but real nonetheless..


You hope it's real or all that SJW'ing you did would be in vain.

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That chat has got to be a fake.  No real support person offers an extended warranty after something breaks.  They'd be giving the store away.  They also would not be employed long if they blurt out problems with the company's products to anybody who listens.

Nice try, but you gotta be more subtle.

Community member with a hours old profile and one post ….😀

But the extended warranty was offered in the purchase of a new Roam which seems on brand for Sonos CS tbh. That and the roam is pos ime so it’s believable to me. 

While this is a plausible explanation, there are other electronics plugged into the same suppressors without issue. I have not found similar power supply complaints from the those products. Admittedly, this is a process of elimination coupled with significant record of the same quality issue reported from other users. Unfortunately, plausibility does not equal truth.