Playing through a projector causes sound to lag (Play 1)

  • 16 April 2022
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I connected my Sonos Play 1 to my cheap projector that I bought online. It would seem that the audio lags. I have connected Sonos to projector via an aux cable. I don't think my projector has a Bluetooth option. 


Best answer by Airgetlam 17 April 2022, 03:44

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4 replies

That’s okay as the Play:1 doesn’t have a Bluetooth receiver anyway, nor an auxiliary connection. You perhaps need to describe the actual setup and connection in a little more detail.

Not sure even how you could connect a PLAY:1 to a projector, since the PLAY:1 has no line in (which may be this ‘auxiliary connection’ that Ken is referring to?)

All Sonos analog line ins, available on these devices, have a minimum of a 75 ms delay: CONNECT, CONNECT:AMP, PLAY:5 (all generations) Sonos Five, Sonos Port, Sonos Amp. 

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The Sonos Amp also has an analogue in.

Oops, excellent point, I’ll see if I can alter my reply to include it.