Playing Sonos Five and Sonos Move together

I have had a Sonos Five for a while, and I have recently purchased a Sonor Move ( not version 2).

It should be possible to play them together, right? Not necessarily as a stereo pair, but to be able to play a song, and the audio comes out of both?

I am able to play each of the speakers, but when I choose the speaker, and can check off for both and click “apply”, I get the message: “Unable to connect, try again later”.

I have tried all these tricks: 

and I have also ensured that both speakers are connected to the same wifi router. 


This is supposed to work, right? What am I missing?

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We have just had to update the app and have the same problem. Not happy!!!

Previously we could pair them and play music inside and outside. Now we are getting exactly the same message.

I’m experiencing the same problem. Can run two zones, each with a single Symfonisk bookshelf speaker, OR can play to the Move 2. Can’t play the same audio across all 3 devices. Disappointing given I got the Move for a grad party tomorrow!

Happy to report I’ve fixed the issue: the Move needed to be manually updated. This advice I found from another user helped:


“Updating the older speakers worked for me too. To update the firmware you need to go into settings (the gear button top right). Then next to “Your System” it says “Manage” (gray text, not a button), then the second bottom option of the first list is “System Updates”. Hope that helps”

Perfect 👍👍. I’ve just forced and update on the Move firmware using your instructions and it’s now paired.