Play1 in 2024

  • 11 May 2024
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I bought this Play1 in 2016 or so, to my recollection, and it always worked flawlessly. This was, naturally, with 2016 wifi technology, and a 2016 mobile device. It provided great party entertainment.

Flash forward to today, not many parties post-COVID, but I wanted to get reconnected with my Sonos. Of course, it won’t connect! Prowling around on the internet, this community, and a 2 hour chat with customer service, and no leads to get this rectified. Last statement from the rep was, “Sonos is working on this issue with no ETA for resolution.” Something tells me they won’t be reaching out to me when a solution is reached. 
If you are still reading, accept my apologies for boring you. Enjoy your day. 

3 replies

My Sonos isn’t connecting!!

Any updates?

I downgraded my system from S2 to S1 ( whatever that means) and I am now able to  connect my Sonos to my phone and Ipad.