Play 5 dual ethernet port question

  • 24 January 2023
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I’ve had no luck in using the second ethernet port (tried switching left to right as well) on any of my six Play 5 Gen 1 speakers to extend on to another device, in this case, my win box computer. I got all these speakers used and just wondering if this was a failure point in them or not intended for this purpose. They work fine otherwise.


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4 replies

They are only active in Sonosnet, or wired mode.  If all your units are wireless and you are connecting to your Wi-Fi, the Ethernet ports are inactive.  Wire one of your Sonos devices to an Ethernet port on your router, or use a Boost. 


Thank you.

Note that the Ethernet ports are 10/100.

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Please also note that we do not recommend connecting third-party devices to your Sonos system via ethernet as it may degrade playback reliability.