Play 5 & Bridge Issues

  • 30 June 2022
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Hi Guys, I have a couple of Gen 1, play 5 speakers & the Sonos bridge which was needed when first setting my system up. I run Sonos 1 software as I believe Sonos 2 is for gen 2 & newer systems (happy to be corrected on this) I've changed my modem recently to wifi 6 & now I get an existing system not found error. No matter what I try I can't get my system going again. I have noticed that my bridge doesn't have a light on to indicate it's working, if this is the issue i'm unsure. QUESTION: Should my bridge have an active light? Is there a way I can check to see if my bridge is functioning as it should? Anyone have this problem before? Any help would be appreciated. PS My preference is to get this system back up & running, hoping not to have to go out & start again with new equipment. Thank you.


Best answer by John B 30 June 2022, 09:07

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2 replies

Hi. To check if the Bridge is the issue, connect one of your speakers by Ethernet instead of the Bridge.  Power off the Bridge. Wait a couple of minutes. Can the app now find the system?

Edit: there is no reason why you should have to replace your speakers.  The worst that can happen is that you have to buy a Boost to replace the Bridge.

Cheers for the reply John,

I found another post where it advised to connect to the Ethernet, change some settings & I have done away with the bridge altogether. A great result.