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  • 29 May 2023
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I have a Play:3 and in our last house I’m 99% sure we had an antenna we plugged into the back so it connected to Wifi/Bluetooth.

The only antenna I can find since moving doesn’t plug into it so I’m trying to figure out what replacement I need to buy so that my phone will connect to the Sonos and we can play music.

It has a bronze/gold circular hole at the back and an Ethernet cable on the back.




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5 replies

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You cannot connect a Bluetooth adapter to the Play:3. You need to set up the Play:3 in the Sonos app. After you complete the setup process and the Play:3 is connected to your WiFi network, you will be able to stream music to the Play:3 directly from the Sonos app.

Thank you. What threw me is that when I go into the Sonos app it isn’t finding the speaker. When I open the app the system option in the rightmost tab is greyed out. Any idea why that would be / what im doing wrong? Thanks

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If you have moved to a new house with a different WiFi network, you need to follow the instructions in this article:

Thank you. I have factory reset it, then gone into the app and can hear the noise chime on the speaker during set up. But once set up is complete and I try to go onto the app to play music, the music tabs are greyed out and it says “Play:3 (unused) not registered” in settings and when I go into that it then says a factory reset is needed to add the speaker to a new system. I’ve been through that twice and get to the same point in set up each time. Any idea?

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Try wiring the Play:3 to the router with an ethernet cable and redo the setup process.