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  • 14 September 2023
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I have a few speakers grouped and only some are playing. The troubling issue is the controller looks as if all are playing but many - including part of a sub/era 100 pair - have no audio. I have stopped and restarted playback with no luck.


This occurs while playing a station from Amazon Music (basic access w/Prime membership) and on a Sonos Era 100 + Sub, a Move 1, a Roam 1, a Play:3 and Symphonisk picture frame speakers all grouped.


Diagnostics no. 1636438787


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3 replies

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Try this:

Stop them all, and also stop your router. 
Restart your router. When it is fully restarted and wifi is running, restart your devices, one at a time. 

If that fixes it, you may want to set ip addresses for your system. If you’re not sure how, tell us what router you’ve got and someone may be able to help. 

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I’ve seen a similar issue from time to time, not very often though.

Quite frustrating but I found that switching to a different Amazon stream and then back gets all playing together again.

Following up here and want to thank you all for the replies. Restarting the router seemed to do the trick. I mistakenly played music from the whole group again without ungrouping them and could hear sound playing from all speakers including the Era 100 + Sub. The issue seems to be network related.