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  • 19 March 2023
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Hi everyone 

I finally bought a one sl and tbh am not happy with it. It sounds great. BUT: the connection seems a nightmare. It doesn’t connect automatically when I walk into the house. That i can live with. 

But when I stream music straight from the Spotify app it cut off the first few seconds of every new song i select. It is better if i go through the Sonos app to access Spotify but then I can’t use the volume toggles on my phone to change volume. Meaning: fish phone out of pocket, unlock, find sonos app, open app and THEN change volume. 

by far the worst though: when I go from listening to Spotify to sth else, say youtube or insta and then back to Spotify THERE IS NO SOUND. The track is running (time count running) but silent. So: get back in menu, disconnect, reconnect and then it works again.  

First world problems, for sure. But my old JBL blu tooth speaker was MUCH easier to live with. Didn’t sound as good, to be fair. 


as always with these things, the problem is probably me. But it should not be this hard then. 

rant over:)


cheers from Australia 




2 replies

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Have you enabled Lock Screen controls in the Sonos app? This will allow you to use the volume buttons on your phone to control the volume. Read more here:

Yes it is enabled.