One SL battery size

  • 27 September 2023
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Hi - I am flying internationally later this week and want to take my One SL speaker. The airline states no product with a lithium battery over the following dimensions can be taken - 100 Watt hours or 2g lithium. 
Does anyone know the specs for the One SL battery?




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The One SL doesn't have a battery.  It's AC powered only.

Crikey I never knew that. Thanks so much - that makes life very simple. 

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Are you sure you own a One SL? Not a Roam or a Move - the only Sonos speakers that are battery powered?

Are you aware a non-Bluetooth Sonos speaker cannot be used in most hotel environments without a travel router?

Thanks for that. I just bought it in Australia and am taking it home to NZ soon - this the question about flights. Cheaper over here and you get the sales tax back at the border. Must admit I thought they were battery powered but doesn’t matter as I intend to use it indoors. Thanks for the assistance.