One and Beam lost from Sonos App but Connect Amp still there

  • 3 April 2024
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Help please 🤞

I have a Connect Amp, which controls ceiling speakers, together with a Beam and One (both Gen 1).

Had signal difficulties with the Connect Amp so switched it off/reset it and it’s now working perfectly however in the process I’ve lost any connection to the Beam and the One. They don’t even feature on the Sonos App, they’ve just disappeared.

I took the One to the router and connected it via an Ethernet cable, it and the Beam then appeared back on the app but the Connect Amp disappeared. 

After I disconnected it, the One and the Beam disappeared and the Connect Amp reappeared. 🤬

I know I’m being stupid somewhere but would be extremely grateful if someone could tell me where I’m going wrong.

Previously the Connect Amp, Beam and One were all on the Sonos app and worked perfectly.

Thank you in anticipation 


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You probably shouldn’t have factory reset it, that almost always leads to excessive grief.

A common error is doing a Factory Reset then setting up a NEW (second) system that will not interact with the original system.

Factory Reset (again to clear the likely current mess) the Connect Amp.

Power it down.

Connect the Sonos Controller to your original system.

Power up the Connect Amp.

Use the Controller’s “ADD” menus to add the Connect Amp to your original system.

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Many thanks for your response and guidance. I will try tomorrow in the hope that I can get things up and running again. 👍


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Unfortunately despite trying everything you suggested it still wouldn’t work. When the amp was powered down the app identified the beam and one but just didn’t seem to want to connect to them for some reason. 🤬🤬🤬 Has anyone any other suggestions please or does anyone know of a company near Dundee in Scotland that would offer a service to fix this issue? Thanks in anticipation 🤞

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You might want to submit a diagnostic and call Sonos before you go looking for a local shop that is likely to be expensive.

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Thank you for that advice, will try that first. 👍

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Great advice. Lady from Sonos talked me through everything, took a while but we got there in the end.

Thanks again 👍