old Sonos(like the new FIVE)

  • 24 January 2023
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I have an older Sonos looks exactly like the new FIVE.  I set up the 2 new white FIVES and the Arc yesterday and found my 4-6 year old old black Sonos that looks like a Five.  How do I add this to my other 3 pieces ? 


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Does it look like a Five or just close?

S1 or S2?

There are Play 5 Sonos that are very close in looks, if it is a S1 version you can use it by loading an S1 controller but it won’t connect to your newer gear.

If it is the S2 version you should be able to just add it but you may need to fiddle a bit if it is way out of date. First try hooking it up to your router with an Ethernet cable, power cycle it and let it get back to ready and try adding it using your existing controller. If that fails I’d get the serial number off the bottom and call Sonos.

I just looked. It’s a Play 5

Just looked. It’s an S100 PLAY 5

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You have the Play:5 (Gen 2).

If you are using the two Fives as surrounds with the Arc, you cannot add any more surrounds to this setup. But you can GROUP the Play:5 with the Arc and Fives in the Sonos app to play the same music at the same time out of all the speakers. NOTE: When playing TV audio, there will be a slight delay from the Play:5 when grouped with the Arc.

Read more about grouping speakers here: